Monday, July 12, 2010

Atheists Who Defend Objective Moral Values

Some atheists defend the objectivity of moral values. 

"Moral truisms... are more justified than any skeptical philosophical theory that would lead you to question them". -- Kai Nielson

"Whatever skeptical arguments may be brought against our belief... we are more certain that the killing is morally wrong than that the argument is sound.  Torturing an innocent child for the sheer fun of it is morally wrong. Full stop." -- Peter Cave.

"Some moral views are better than others despite the sincerity of the individuals, cultures, and societies that endorse them."  -- Russ Schafer-Landou.

"Some moral views are true, others are false, and my thinking them does not make them so."  -- Russ Schafer-Landou.

"Individuals and whole societies can be seriously mistaken when it comes to morality and the best explanation of this is that there are moral values not of our making." -- Russ Schafer-Landou.

These are atheists who recognize something real and vital about the image of God imprinted in them, despite their refusal to acknowledge its source.

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