Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Car Keying Wrong?

Is keying someone's car --  intentionally scratching someone's car with a car key or some-such metal object -- wrong?

David Grainger writing in The National Post has been on the wrong end of a keying job, and he thinks it is: "Why would someone do such an evil deed?".

Come to think of it, is there such a thing as the "right end" of a keying job? Are some acts objectively evil, or is evil merely in the mind of the beholder?

If evil actually exists, where does it come from in a purely materialistic, nuts-and-bolts molecules-and-muons, mindless, amoral universe?  If evil is a departure from the good, from the "ought", where does goodness and "oughtness" come from?  Does a moral measuring ruler actually exist or is this ruler a mere darwinian burp, a figment of our darwinian-brained imaginations?

It's fashionable today to be a moral relativist -- "wrong for you, but not for me".

The moral relativist stops being a moral relativist the moment you steal his stereo (pg 45).

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