Sunday, July 18, 2010

John De-Baptizer

Americans are, according to fair and balanced -- you decide -- Fox News, lining up to be "de-baptized" in a ritual that employs a hair dryer.

Atheists care about God, think about God, and obsess about the God-We-Don't-Believe-In more than most theists. They are devout anti-worshippers!

"Leading atheist Edwin Kagin blasted his fellow non-believers with the hair dryer to symbolically dry up the holy water sprinkled on their heads in days past. The styling tool was emblazoned with a label reading 'Reason and Truth.'"

Reason and Truth? Bwaahaha!

As I've written in the Ball Bounces, the God-They-Don't-Believe-In is the ground of reason, the sufficient reason for reason -- without God, it is unreasonable to trust in reason and impossible to adequately explain its emergence from the slime.  He's also the Author of Reality -- and that's the Truth.

Atheists owe a lot to God -- their reasoned atheism would be impossible without him.

Reclaim Reality. Rebel Against the Atheist Machine.™


Patrick O'Neil said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I couldn't agree more about the illogic of atheists obsessing about their 'non-existent God.'

I hadn't heard about the hair dryer ritual thanks for pointing it out.

P.S. It's my first time reading your blog. I'll keep an eye out for posts with a tennis ball beside them.

RkBall said...

Hi Patrick. You think I should use a tennis ball? I've used a ball of duct tape, and I've got a golf ball on deck!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"