Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quote of the Day: Cave Men and Space Shuttle Junk

"[Darwinian] Evolutionists are like cave men peeling tiles off the space shuttle because that is the only thing they find useful because the rest of it is "junk"." -- Neal Tedford


Darwinian evolutionists are intelligent designers' and theistic evolutionists' best friends.  Why? The more layers they peel off, the more intelligent, information-laden mechanisms they are going to discover, the less "junk" remains, and the more absurdly improbable the scenario of dumb, mindless chemical/biochemical laws + chance becomes.

It's going to go from Signature in the Cell to Nightmare in the Cell!

Like the nightmare scenario of discovering the Big Bang (which undermined the materialist's fondest hopes for a self-existing eternal universe), it's only going to get worse for Darwinists.

If it gets any worse, Darwinists are going to have to form internet self-affirmation and reassurance sites. Oh, wait -- they've already done that.  Bwahahahahaha!

Keep peeling!

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