Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Does There Need To Be A God?

Jonathan asks an interesting question: "Why does there need to be a god?" This is the way the Ball bounces on this one:

In a nutshell my answer is, to explain why is is. To provide a sufficient cause for the universe, "the whole show", as well as its parts and pieces, including, most importantly, us.  Any other explanation other than, "because God created us in his image" is deficient, defective, and dehumanizing.

Here's some lines of consideration.

* Everything that begins to exist requires a sufficient cause which accounts for its existence. The universe, birthed by a Big Bang, requires a sufficient cause outside of material reality. This cause must be outside of the created universe of time-and-space, and must therefore be immaterial, i.e., Spirit and not matter, and, since the universe is contingent, volitional, and, since the universe is stupendously wonderful and stupendously complex, both extremely powerful, and wise.

* Authentic, objective morality requires a sufficient cause. This sufficient cause must be a source that is outside of humanity that is personal and itself moral. A dead, unconscious universe is an insufficient cause; darwinian processes are an insufficient cause. Human invention or consensus is an insufficient cause. Objective morality requires no less than God (as many atheists reluctantly admit).

* Abstracts like numbers and concepts like justice, honor, virtue, etc. to exist must reside in a mind. To be actually authentic, and not just mere contrivances, they must exist in an Mind of which these concepts are an expression.

* Love, to be an actually authentic emotion, and not just some cruel burp of evolution like a secretion of bile, requires a source that is beyond evolution itself. To be authentic, the ultimate source of love must itself be capable of love, i.e., personal.

* Humans long for total justice. Clearly this is not achieved in this life. If it is to be achieved, it must be achieved after this life. And, to be achieved, there must be a Judge.  The atheist's fondest wish that someone "rot in hell" may well be realized -- this is good news for the hateful atheist!

* Humans fear death and long for immortality. These longings are not mere rational speculations, they are deeply embedded inside the human psyche.  Where did they come from? Who/what put them there? Are they nothing more, once again, than cruel darwinian burps, like a live excreting bile?  If these desires are authentic and not merely cruelly whimsical, a sufficient source must be found for them. God is this sufficient source. They are faint "clues" that God exists and has provided a way.

* Humans have a sense that they have actual value, that they are worth something, they are something more than the product of mindless chance, and their lives are something more than ultimately purposeless and meaningless. These strong and persistent  intuitions can only be true and authentic if God exists and He has created us. Being the outcome of mindless, purposeless processes just won't cut it.

If there is no God, there is no purpose, no meaning, no value to human life.  You have to decide for yourself who you are, and what it means to be authentically human.

Regain your humanity. Rebel against the atheist machine.™

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