Thursday, July 15, 2010

Would You Buy A Used Country From This Man?

Got a post from Iceman complaining I wasn't covering the political side of things in Canada. OK. Here's my July post re: "Groundhog" -- 6 more weeks of Conservative rule -- Ignatieff.  Been seein' his shadow for a year now -- "Mr. Harper, O, sulphurous one, your time is up!"  Like Kramer when he went on his no-speech kick, "starting... NOW!".

The Liberals are desperate to get back in power so they can get this country back on track.  Which for them means legalizing prostitution to ensure that all Canadian daughters and sisters get a chance to consider "sex worker" at the next high-school job fair.  "Our vision, Mr. Speaker, is made-in-Canada sex workers, from coast-to-coast to coast!"

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