Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ethical Cannibalism

If there's one consistent theme among the Darwinists posting to this site, it is this: "we are animals,  nothing more, and unexceptional ones at that".

They're animals -- this is good news for meat lovers! Me, I love to eat meat. Meat that comes from, you know, animals.

I'm sure that the "Human Ape" and others like him will have no objections, in principal at least, of me killing and eating him. Eating meat is in my DNA -- it's the way I'm wired!  Darwin (survival-of-fittest) would approve; Dawkins (DNA-replicating machine) can have no objections! Evolutionary psychiatry (cooperative societies, blah blah blah) is for losers. "Thou shalt not murder", just a religious construct, and, murder, schmurder, murder is just a term humans invented and nothing more because we thought we are special -- and we're not! Any number of posts by lizard-brained darwinians assure us of such. There is no essential difference between killing a human animal and a pig!

So, let's bring home the bacon!  Should I start with atheist actors, you know, hams?!  Or atheist comedians -- those who like to pull on your leg -- hey, I'd like to have a tug on theirs -- "keep your eyes on your thighs", man!

Speaking of man....  mmmmm!  Bush-meat -- one man's blogging sparring partner is another man's BBQ!

Here's where I draw the line, though: I will only eat humans who self-identify as meat-eating animals. Why, eating them is almost a form of solidarity --  Ball Bounces: A Man After Your Own Heart™!

Vegetarians and theists of any sort are off-limits. I may want to be a cannibal, but I'm gonna keep it ethical.

Those darwinists who have been posting: please let me know where you live -- I'd like to invite you over for lunch.

And that's the way the crank-up-the-BBQ Ball bounces.


Alex said...

Sorry Mr. Ball but this one is a fail. Membership to our species is predicated by what they think? That line of reasoning leads to slaughter. Its happened before. First step in ethnic cleansing to to dehumanize the enemy.

If someone were to declare themselves apple pie, would you get a fork? Its not my ethics who are slippery here. I know you are kidding though.

Just because I am a human animal doesn't mean I equate humans with the other animals. I am a human supremest. All other animals and intelligences come second to human individuals.

RkBall said...

"If someone were to declare themselves apple pie, would you get a fork?"

Alex -- I believe this is the first time in the history of human thought that this provocative statement has been uttered. Philosophers will be debating its meaning and arguing its merits for centuries. Your life purpose is complete -- you can relax!

My first response -- only if I believed I myself was the fork!

JLA said...

You want to be the fork, stabbing somebody, who you then want to eat? You have some disturbing fantasies, dude.

Alex said...

Its all been a very interesting thread for sure.

Thanks Mr. Ball for asking interesting questions. I appreciate you sharing personal knowledge of God.

I can't follow you. I can't force this inexplicable awakening so many believers have. It would be phony of me to buy in just because I want it to be so. I know when I lie to myself and I know its never good.

I think what you were getting at was that our minds and perception are limited. You are right, and one model of the universe or another does not elevate the believer from his human limitations. When theoretical physicists try to describe string theory they always say that dogs cannot be taught physics. No matter how hard you try the poor dog will never understand. So too we might wonder what the human brain simply cannot understand. Perhaps God lives there. A dog may not understand a garage door opener, but it can understand that when the master wishes the door opens. A smart dog might conclude that the door opens because the button is pressed, but it will never understand electronics, or electromagnetic frequencies and everything else that goes into making a garage door opener. Perhaps we might dimly perceive the works of God without actually being able to comprehend them? We'll never know,,,well we might.

I remain an Atheist but I welcome a deeper understanding of the universe if one exists. I have to be honest with myself and go with the evidence I have and with the limited condition of my brain to understand it.

RkBall said...

" A dog may not understand a garage door opener, but it can understand that when the master wishes the door opens."

Another excellent insight!

Here's what I conclude. The most fundamental mistake atheists make is that they are smart enough to "figure things out" themselves, without God's help. You have identified this.

So, coming to the truth is, in and of itself, an act that entails a turning from self-sufficient pride to humility.

Believing or not in God is more than just a matter of, "well, what facts are there on the table, and I'll make up my mind". It is a matter of seeking, reaching, humbling oneself and recognizing one's limitations. There may be a place for prideful arrogance in atheism, but there is none in Christianity!

In my case, part of the humbling process was to begin to pray -- and to admit to God that I couldn't even pray to him sincerely! And to ask his for his help.

That is the single best thing I ever did.

The other thing that is helpful is to read the Bible, starting with the New Testament, starting with the book of John.

Hanging around with "believers" is a good idea, too. Sometimes, it just sort of rubs off.

I hope you will "hang around" this site and continue to post your comments!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"