Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The U.S. Civil War II

The U.S. is at war -- with itself. The federal guys are suing the state gal (AZ) over enforcement of immigration laws. The clash comes down to this: the state of Arizona wants to enforce federal laws that the US federal government has no intention of enforcing.

The following is satire:

Arizona: "But, we have no actual intention of enforcing this law, either."

The US: "Doesn't matter. We assert the sole right to not enforce this law. If we have states piling on willy-nilly not enforcing federal laws, where will it all end?!"

Where will it end?, indeed.

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Patrick Ross said...

At least Arizona will have the opportunity to meet its detractors in court.

I think this could go as far as the Supreme Court, where the lawsuit will subsequently be squashed.

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