Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breaking: Milk Men's Union Throws Support Behind CUPW

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Flin Flon, MB. June 15, 2011. EhP.

In a move that CUPW President Denis Lemelin is characterizing as a "game changer", the Canadian National Association Of Milk Men (NAMM) has thrown its support behind the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. NAMM President Daisy Lait, speaking at their annual reunion in Flin Flon said she thinks CUPW's strike action "mooving", and finds Canada Post's refusal to cave to CUPW's demands "udderly ridiculous".

Meanwhile, the Canadian National Association of Bread Men (NABM) is expected to follow suit. NABM President Blanche Pain reportedly thinks Canada Post is toast.

Stay tuned to the Ball Bounces for breaking updates.
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Ticcing Postie said...

lol!! :)

Anonymous said...

When are we going to hear from the blacksmiths' union?

maryT said...

How far behind are the ice men, remember them, delivering blocks of ice every week to those who had and ice box.

trustonlymulder said...

Don't forget to draft the bread delivery men's union!!!!

RkBall said...

We're on it!

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