Saturday, June 11, 2011

Na, na, na, na, Na, na, na, na, Hey, hey, hey, Good-bye!

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No, I'm not talking about the Boston Bruins. (Well, them too.) I'm talking about CUPW.

The Ball Bounces poll question was: "How would a lengthy postal strike affect you?"

Here are the results.

9% - Major/Disasterous impact (This response included one or more CUPW workers commenting on the impact a long walk-out would have on their family.)

91% - Little or no impact.

So, strike-away, have a great summer, and watch for the next Ball Bounces poll: "Agree/Disagree: Canadians are no longer willing to be held hostage by unions".
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maryT said...

Looking fwd to no junk mail to recycle.

RkBall said...

maryT -- good point!

Anonymous said...

CUPW is amazing....Canada Post overcharges for poor services while 100% of the $2'000'000'000.00 unfunded-Liability Pension for workers is assured by the Tax Payers and they have the nerve to assert ownership of some of the faux-profits that are fabricated by the Crown Corportaion.

I still remember the AdScam farce where a Canada Post CEO felt entitiled to his big pay checks and had not one ounce of guilt for the $$$millions stolen from tax payers via Liberal-Friendly Ad firms that were merely paper-pushers that inflated their bills to us peons.

I'll hand it to CUPW though, they found a way to by-pass the laws against Pyramid-Schemes by using Tax payers as the suckers at the Base that support the Union members that cash-in at the APEX with their pot-o-gold and generous Pensions.
Back in the mid-1980's the SCOC ruled that a "Tourist" was enttiled to all the Welfare and Social services as Citizens because they were a protected Minority Group in canada.
Since then the Refugee-Industry and Travel Industry aids and abets people to come to canada as a "Tourist" and then make a Refugee claim to stick us Tax payers with the vacation costs.
Currently the bill is about $700'000'000.00 a year and growing,and that includes the American's that can now enter Illegally thanks to Olivia Chows buddies at 'No one is illegal' that coach Active-Soldiers how to enter canada by land as a Tourist and break the Law for not declaring they are in a foreign Military on Leave.

Public Sector Unions are in for a real wake-up call and so is the SCOC that loves to play Santa Claus with OUR money, Slavery was once very Legal but always wrong no matter how many Judges and Lawyers defended it.
CUPW is about to see the final nail in their coffin get pounded down by the tax-payers.

RkBall said...

Anon -- I think the unfunded pension is 3 billion. Do you know -- was it ever funded and the government raided it, or has it always been unfunded? I ask because I've had a pro-CUPW guy telling me about the wonderful profits that the post office employees make for their Crown Corporation. I would really like to know. Any concrete info would be appreciated.

Frances said...

I'm busy these days trying to ammeliorate the effects of the strike on my clients. Not everyone has the ability to utilize the various options touted, most of which seem to involve the internet and/or have various degrees of flexibility.

maryT said...

Did the membership vote on the contract.
Years ago some group sued some union for lost income or something. Could all businesses affected by the strike get a class action suit going against CUPW, and make the union pay.
If businesses in Toronto are eligible for lost income, why not those hurt by the striking postal workers.

RkBall said...

Frances -- ANY inconvenience or loss due to strikes by well-fed, well-paid, well-benefited public unionized employees is uncalled for, unwarranted, and totally unacceptable. That is what we, the public, are "fighting" for when we resist CUPW.

RkBall said...

maryT -- I think that the courts -- up to the Supreme Court -- are on the side of Big Unions.

dmorris said...

"No, I'm not talking about the Boston Bruins. (Well, them too.)"

Monday,in Boston: Bruins 4, Swedes 1

CUPW couldn't have chosen a worse time to go on strike,I haven't heard ONE person who has any sympathy for them.

The future of Canada Post is Superboxes, three day a week home delivery,and lots of layoffs.

RkBall said...

dm -- I agree that it is unlikely the Canucks will win in Boston.

RkBall said...

dmorris: 5-1 Boston -- you were SO wrong!!!

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