Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Killer $50?

Money                     Photo - National Post
Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Killer $50?

A polymer, that is. The new Canadian banknotes are made of... plastic.

I've used these Canadian-made polymer banknotes in Zambia. All the ink on the older bills wore or fell off, and you would go around with these silvery slidey things in your pocket trying discern whether it was a 1,000 Kwatcha note or a 20,000.

I think they've improved the technology since then.

On the negative side, they are unfriendly to life-forms.
“Further, scientific evaluation has shown that there is significantly less bacteriological growth on polymer banknotes, and that any bacteria which gets onto the notes quickly dies because of the lack of nutrients on the non-porous and non-fibrous material.” Source: Securency International Pty Ltd. 
Expect howls of rage from the environmentalists as Canada introduces these killer-banknotes.
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CJ said...

Australia has had these things for 20 years. They're great. Now that I think of it Australia also got rid of the penny about 15 years ago. BTW at present all of the paper for Canada's money is made entirely from cotton in a Quebec factory owned by a company with Liberal connections. I won't mind seeing that change.

RkBall said...

It would be a way of honouring the Duke and Dutchess' visit, and further infuriating the humiliated separatists.

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