Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jack Layton: CUPW Kung Fu Fighter!!!

Jack Layton at Pride 08Image via Wikipedia
"NDP vow to fight legislation to end mail strike"

Jack is fightin' for the common man Big Union.

I'm with Kung Fu Jack on this one because I want to see Canada Post stare down CUPW.

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Frances said...

I just want my clients to be able to receive moneys due them as well as their vendor invoices without all the hassle of sorting out things on the internet. Not to mention the joys of internet banking; there are serious fees the banks charge for these transactions.

It's nice to be able to say 'I want to see Canada Post stare down CUPW.': you're not the one suffering.

RkBall said...


I hear you.

If Canada Post is a) essential, and b) a monopoly, and c) taxpayer-funded, then d) it should not be able to hold Canadian hostages via adversarial big unions.

Surely there can be some kind of compromise between immediate capitulation (the Harper model) vs. holding out forever (the BallBounces model)

But, going forward, the answer to being held to ransom is finding alternative means.

RkBall said...

I have taken deliberate steps over the last few years to get "off of" Canada Post, so my pain is minimized (but I'm still one disc short of finishing LOST)!!

dmorris said...

I don't see the advantage in legislating them back to work, tell them to get back to the bargaining table,THEN look to going the way of the Europeans regarding their Post Offices.

It's time to end all government monopolies, from health care to post offices,and let the taxpayer decide where he wants to spend his dollars.

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