Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CUPW: The Empire Strikes Back

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Like a Freddie Friday the 13th movie, CUPW refuses to remain dead.

"Canada Post union looks to overturn back-to-work legislation in court"

They really, really, really would rather be on strike than working.

Let's help them make this a permanent condition.

Go, CUPW!!!

PS. to readers: I'm really disappointed in you. So far nobody has sent in $5 to support my Show-CUPW-Some-Love campaign. What is wrong with you??!!

Meanwhile, because Canada Post is back in "business", but impaired, I'm using UPS to get my travel documents to/from Ottawa. New non-postal habits are being formed across the country. The decision threshold for going electronic is being crossed... When volumes drop by 5%, will CUPW agree to a 5% across-the-board reduction in staff and/or wages?.... Thought so.

Never again will 21st cc. Canadians rely on Canada Post. They've dissed us; we can diss them.  One day, they will wake up to this fact.

I'm calling it the Frances Factor.

And that's the way the not-going-postal Ball bounces.
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oxygentax said...

See, the problem with your Show-Cupw some love campaign is that it relies on mail service.

Canada Post permanently lost about $50 worth of business during the strike/lockout as it was just the push that I needed to move all my important bills online. The only thing that comes through the mail now are 2 bank statements.

Robert C said...

Canada Post should lockout the union until the apeal is heard and decision is reached.

fernstalbert said...

When I read the headline that CUPW was going to court I couldn't believe it - strike pay must be on par with regular pay!!! Go ahead grind the Post Office into oblivion - your jobs and future are not at stake. Cheers.

Pissedoff said...

Well these dingbats have to do something to look relevant after winning their membership a lower increase than was offered by management. The embarrassment alone means they have to show even more leaderless ship.

Harper had better make sure any legal fees are paid by the CUPW and not taxpayers. Including any awards against them.

Frances said...

Our postie is very happy to be back!! Said strike pay was $50/week for which had to put in 4 hrs/day on the picket line. Much prefers being back on the job.

Anonymous said...

this organization lost 3 billion read it again 3 billion dollars. i would close any company that lost 3 billion doolars and start over. old white guy.

Jen said...

The people who are 'forced' to strike against their will because they feel it is not necessary but that their union bosses are making them strike; is about time that they strike against the union.

You know when one your car tire (in this case mail) is not working or needs repairing, you use your spare tire (in this, fedex fax courrier, ups, etc) while the old tire (Canadian post) is being repaired.

Right now, canadians are using their 'spare tire/s' to run business.

Alain said...

I suggest that our government do what Ronald Reagan did with the air traffic controllers; fire them all and give the jobs to people who want a well-paying easy job and who would appreciate the opportunity. I should add that if each existing postal worker were given the choice instead of the CUPW, many would prefer to be working. Finally there needs to be an end to all public sector unions.

Sixth Estate said...

Given that the Supreme Court ruled against legislating wage rate changes into collective agreements four years ago, I think it's unsurprising that now there's a court challenge on that subject.

You can have small government, or you can have government large enough to set wages using the power of law. If Canada Post is unreasonably expensive, there's another, perfectly legal way to prove that. It's called market competition, something we don't have in the post.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I set all of my bills and statements up to be electronic. All I get in the mailbox now is junk that goes straight back in the other side.

group1 said...

what a bunch of whinning babies you all are.Tired of your Walmart jobs? Get off welfare and work and pay taxes to help the country instead of dragging it down.The middle class support Canada with taxes,big Tory companies pay nothing,Walmart welfare workers pay nothing either.Wake up people before Harper turns you all into slaves!! btw strike pay was $175 a week..GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before you talk!

RkBall said...

Problem is, CUPW workers have "Walmart jobs" (see comment, above), but just don't know how incredibly over-paid and over-benefitted they are. Sad to hear one worker dissing another.

Pissedoff said...


Hope you are paying Prov and Fed tax on that.

Anonymous said...

Do you even know the difference between a strike and a lockout?

RkBall said...


"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"