Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Marxist-Leninists Support CUPW

Canadian Union of Postal WorkersImage via Wikipedia
I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

Still trying to figure out why the CUPW postal workers  have a 3 billion dollar shortfall in their employee pension plan. Was it never funded, or did the government "borrow" the money from the Crown Corporation? Anybody out there know?
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Anonymous said...

Pension fund short falls are almost always the product of management--in this case the Canada Post Corporation--borrowing from pension funds or investments losing money.

Anonymous said...

The Chretien/Martin Liberals raided the pension funds of all federal public servants in order to help falsely balance their budgets.

oxygentax said...

Actually Nonny, depending on how the pension is funded and invested, a shortfall could have nothing to do with underfunding and everything to do with something like, I don't know, a drop in the markets... you know... like the one that just happened 2 years ago and the subsequent recovery?

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