Monday, June 06, 2011

Help The CUPW Posties!!!

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The CUPW posties have a pension shortfall of three billion dollars and change. Help eliminate the shortfall now!!!  If all of you send what you can -- $5, $25, $50, I'll collect it, and, once it reaches the three bil mark, I'll pass it along to the posties (minus shipping (!) and handling).

If we all chip in, we can do this!!!

Send to:

Save The CUPW Posties Fund
c/o Ball Bounces
WWW Internet
Toronto, Canada
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maryT said...

I have 2.75 in cdn tire money, will you take that. lol

RkBall said...

Yes!! Only 3 billion and change to go!!!

Ticcing postie said...

Ahh, yessss, but are you sure it is going to our pension fund????

The Gaza freedon flotilla sponsored by CUPW, with food on the upper decks and weapons and missiles below decks..... (to blow Israel off of the face of the earth)

They need the funding too!!

RkBall said...

Ticcing - tell me it ain't so!

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