Monday, June 27, 2011

CUPW Workers Are Angry!!!

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Of course CUPW workers are angry -- Stable job. Great pay. Up to seven weeks annual vacation. Bankable sick days. Retire at, what, 55?

Who wouldn't be angry?

And now the government has interrupted their strike/walkout thus minimizing their lost wages.

Angry? Who wouldn't be?

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Pissedoff said...

Harper the CINO idiot sent them back so they can claim Canada day as a paid holiday to make up some of what they are losing.

maryT said...

Anyone receiving torn or vandalized mail better report it. I wonder what the new contract has in it, other than reduced wages. At least the filibuster brought out how good they have it. Take away bankable sick days, other companies have done it. Who do they think they are teacher, 7 wks vacation.
And they better not be able to bank that holiday time.

Anonymous said...

Impose private-sector working conditions,wages and benefits on these gravy train riding fat cats and listen to them squeal like slaughtered pigs. These people think they have it so harsh.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick to death of public-sector workers always thinking they're entitled to more.
Give them what they deserve- which is no better than the private sector. Think of the money saved!!

Peter said...

Privatize Canada Post. It's time. After over 20 years of labour unrest it is clear that the union is not interested in letting Canada Post perform an efficient, cost effective service at a reasonable rate. Germany did it and never looked back, now the Deutsches Post provides mail service for several countries and owns DHL courier service which is bigger than FedEx. Time for Canada to stop fooling around with unions who think they rule the country...Privatize Canada Post now!

James said...

I caught news footage of the postal 'protests' today in Vancouver, and it looked like an NDP convention: not a clean shave or a pressed shirt anywhere.

Like many of you, I'm tired of people with government jobs (post office, teachers, nurses, etc) always demanding more benefits but never suffering any reductions.

My old man's a teacher, and a good one. But in the mid-2000's when the economy was booming, I was working 80+ hours a week in the oil patch, and it was people like me that were fueling that prosperity, not the hordes with protected & secure jobs for life.

The problem with the no-risk crowd is obvious: freed from the fear of being out of a job they rarely act with personal financial or social restraint and thus never expect any restraint from their governments.

I think we need a fundamental rethink about how wages are calibrated for unionized jobs like the ones I've mentioned. I think we should tie their salaries to the strength of the economy. Times are booming: get a raise. Times are tough: get a pay cut.

I'm not opposed to a nurse or a teacher or even a postie making a decent wage, but imagine if the only way they could get a pay-raise was if the economy picked up. Imagine too if they got a pay cut when the economy tanked. Sorry folks, you're in with the rest of us.

Do you think all those left-wing nutjobs cheering the BC NDP's Adrian Dix today would be quite so fervent if their pay was tied to the overall strength of the economy? Imagine how this one change would fundamentally alter the left-wing behaviour and attitudes of teachers, nurses, posties, etc.

Now if only one of you can come up with a formula that would work.

RkBall said...

Some good, thoughtful comments here...

Frances said...

Memo to CUPW workers: you aren't the only ones angry. I've spent the past month scrambling to keep my clients onside with bill payment and revenue receipts. So, my response to your action is to actively pursue all means of avoiding using the regular mail service FOR EVER, thus - to the best of my ability - minimizing your workload. If this involves epost, so be it.

Anonymous said...

If you all hate the self supporting, profitable, pays INTO the govt rather than takes, seemingly important yet woefully obsolete post office so damn much, why not just ignore it?

RkBall said...

Profitable? With a three billion dollar pension shortfall?! Sounds like a big hole to me.

RkBall said...

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