Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking: Toronto Paralyzed by CUPW Walkout

March19'05: CUPW banner at Peace MarchImage by Grant Neufeld via Flickr
I'm here in Toronto, and I can tell you it is not a pretty sight. Streetcars have stopped mid-street; cars have been abandoned on the Don Valley, the 401 is closed, and all the Tims have closed. Torontonians are congregating on the streets with dazed looks on their caffeine-starved faces. CUPW has walked-out and Toronto is paralyzed!!!

Just kidding. But we were beginning to wonder when CUPW was going to show us some love. What's Flin Flon got that Toronto hasn't -- what are we, chopped liver?!

15,000 CUPW members will be idle in Toronto and Montreal effective midnight tonite. How they think a 24 hour stoppage of postal delivery is even going to be noticed, let alone bring the citizens of Toronto and Montreal to their knees, is beyond me.

As one guy said in the comments section of a newspaper, "last week I got mail on two days". If CUPW goes to a three-day a week delivery, that will be an improvement of 50%".

Strike on!
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maryT said...

I have a lot of problems believing the figures being thrown around re loss of income, loss of donations, loss of whatever, from day one of this stike. A lot of utility bills still got into my mail box, plus notices that if there is a strike, I am responsible for my bills, and to phone the company to get the amt due.

oxygentax said...

Maryt, I spent all of about 25 minutes last night switching all of my bills to ebills. One bank statement and one Visa statement and 2 magazines are all that I will expect from my mailbox monthly - and those I can read online too, so the statements don't get opened.

Canada Post lost about $50 of annual revenue, but that's business that CUPW loses as well.

RkBall said...

The revolution has begun.

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