Thursday, June 02, 2011

CUPW: Marxists in Capitalist Drag

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From the Preamble to the CUPW Constitution:
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers undertakes the task of promoting and defending the interests of its members against all attacks of the employer and government (the agent of the employer) as a fundamental objective
This means that, in addition to the struggle which the Union conducts daily for recognition and the rights of postal workers, CUPW actively commits itself to the objective of transforming the present social and economic order to make it consistent with the interests and aspirations of workers
In so doing, CUPW rejects all forms of trade unionism that fail to pose the basic division between the interests of workers and the interests of the employer CUPW characterizes its orientation as a Union which, in an uncompromising fashion, pursues the class interests of its members, resisting all attempts by employers and governments to weaken or destroy the workers' movement
CUPW manifests its commitment through a number of policy statements which are grouped as follows...
They refuse to see that, in the larger scheme of things, they have appropriated to themselves the role of the power-laden oppressor.
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ticcing postie said...

Did you know that regular members such as myself can get involved in executive-level union functions??...... such as to be a delegate to a convention, a local decision maker or things of this nature??....

Ohhh..... you must have attended 2/3 of the local union meetings in the previous year before we'll let you get involved in this way...

We'll take $75 off of your cheque every 4 weeks (full-time hours)... but unless you're "one of us"........ forget having a voice.

Do you notice the CUPW website never has a space for comments after their left-wing missives?? You wouldn't anyone to think that there is any disagreement with their Marxism.. oh, no!!

As per your instructions.... I'm "trying" to be nice...

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"