Sunday, June 05, 2011

Montreal Is Next - Bwahahahaha!

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Montreal is next on the travelling CUPW strike road-show. This means my disc should get from uptown to downtown Toronto before the road-show hits our fair city. That's all I ask. Once it gets there, will switch over to a postal delivery service that is not on strike and I'll be unaffected by the CUPW strike for its duration.
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maryT said...

Just wondering, what percentage of union members voted to go on strike. Was it a majority of over 60%.
Do they know that strike pay is taxable now.
I read that they want a wage increase of 3%, which is .72 cents an hour or 27.00 a week for a 37.5 hour work week.
Lose 900.00 a week, or around 180.00/day for 5.40/day increase. Those workers must have gone to the same school as twit did, who says 60%=3/4.

Anonymous said...

What is

Anonymous said...

So what's your point...Try that with a parcel or two, your should help you with that...Listen asscap, I'm a Conservative, I spend money supporting the Conservative Party, I vote Conservative and Yes I work for Canada Post....Do I like everything about the UNION???NO, Do I like everything that CPC management does?? No. If one of you blogging Tories would take a second and research the issues maybe you'd learn something...Funny thing is I am learning that a lot of you so called Bloggers who want to be taken seriously act exactly like the lame stream media, CBC, Global etc...BS,don't check the facts etc...You all are just as bad...Little challenge pal...Give me something with the facts that is fair and balanced and maybe you'll get some respect...Can't do it huh?? Didn't think so...

RkBall said... is like Blockbuster, only online. You create a list of movies/TV shows you would like to see, and they send one in the mail. When you return it, they send you another. I am watching LOST season six finale, and want to get the disc I watched back to so they can send me the final disc!!!! They send you a pre-paid envelope to return discs in, so I don't want to go to the expense of shipping the disc by courier.

RkBall said...

maryT -- I think that part of their union dues go into a strike fund, so every once in a while they have to go on strike to clear the deck. Plus, when a strike is over, workers often get overtime pay to clear backlogs. But, I am no expert in this and one CUPW prisoner (membership is not voluntary) told me that a long strike would be devastating to him. The beauty of rotating strikes is they are local, so presumably only the local workers are docked pay.

RkBall said...

Anon. Perhaps you could help us with some facts.

Why is there a 3 billion dollar hole in the CUPW workers pension plan? Was it under-funded due to lack of sufficient earnings, or did the government appropriate it for other purposes?

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