Wednesday, June 01, 2011

CUPW Supports Thieves In Its Midst

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After several prosecutions for theft at its Mississauga's Gateway Postal Facility, the union won a ruling from a labour board that the workers involved could not be dismissed as the length of the investigation exceeded the ten-day limit in the collective agreement under which any allegation of misconduct had to be brought to the attention of the worker. Although the ruling was reversed on appeal, the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled that although the decision may have been incorrect, it was not so totally without merit that the labour board's decision should be overturned[clarification needed][citation needed]. The court noted the language was in the collective agreement to keep supervisors from holding infractions over the head of a worker indefinitely. -- Wiki
A moral organization would seek to disassociate itself from thieves and work to remove them from its midst. Not, apparently, CUPW. Just another reason why, hey-hey, ho-ho, CUPW has got to go.
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