Sunday, June 05, 2011

Brigette DePape: Canadian Hero

Pro-Hamas demonstrators at a rally in Damascus...                                       Image via Wikipedia
Just kidding.

DePape is the Senate protest-gal who courageously and self-sacrificially self-immolated hoisted a self-promoting Stop Harper sign in the Senate.

Kelly McParland says what we're all thinking:
What next for Ms. DePape? Bungee-jumping from the CN Tower in support of more bike lanes? Careening from floe to floe as she personally rescues baby seals? Single-handedly storming the shores of Gaza carrying bullets foodstuffs for the freedom fighters of Hamas? Anything is possible when you’re young, opinionated and inventive.
Anybody else notice? There seems to be something intrinsically lawless about the left. When an election or law doesn't go their way, it seems the immediate reaction is either to flout it or seek to undermine it.
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Anonymous said...

Saw some feature on the CBC this morning about a new Marvel Comic book that features Canadian heroes. The heroes fight against a fascist, right-wing Canadian government.

One of the featured heroes is gay and, I believe, he or one of the others is supposed to have a past in which he used to be a member of the F.L.Q. No, I'm not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Just read Kelly McParland's article. Nailed it.
The attacks from the Left are ludicrous. I especially love the argument that 60% of Canadians voted against Mr. Harper. Silly me, didn't see that on the ballot, only people you could vote for.

Pissedoff said...
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maryT said...

Somebody inform the twit that the people did exercise their power on May 2nd, and elected a strong, stable, conservative majority government.
I wish she had been arrested and had to spend a few nights in jail.

maryT said...

The only ballot that had PMSHs name on it was in his local riding, which he won with over 75% of the vote.
Until we elect a PM, with one ballot with all the names of leaders, that 60% line is a non issue.
Imagine, electing a PM who would have to work with those MPs elected, regardless of party.
How will the media etc handle it when libs get back with around 38% of the vote.
Where can one find out how many elected mps, of any party, got over 50% of the vote in their ridings. Would love to see Evan or Martin ask an opposition member that question when they are throwing out that 60% figure.
What %age did Layton or his wife get. Should all the losing candidtes pick one of them and say, we got more votes than the elected MP therefore he is invalid.

RkBall said...

Pdoff - I understand your point; I'm going to remove your post just in case someone thinks you are making an actual threat.

RkBall said...

maryT -- the left doesn't see past its own point of view.

RkBall said...

MaryT - B DeP fails to see how Stephen Harper has brought stable, effective gov't to Canadians.

RkBall said...

Anon - "The heroes fight against a fascist, right-wing Canadian government."

Please tell me you're making this up....

Oh, wait. You've already told me your not!

It's like the first time I saw the ad for Little Mosque on the Prairie.


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