Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jack Layton has my vote...

of non-confidence.

Layton's NDP appears more interested in the health of Canada's healthcare system than the health of sick and hurting Canadians.

I like how he spits out the words "for profit"; how he manages to spin disgust into the words. Yet, it is "for-profit" companies that drive Canada's prosperity, increase Canada's wealth, and enable us to collect taxes for the public system.

And what about all the high-priced, unionized labour that goes into public healthcare? Aren't wages, especially unionized wages, a form of "profit", to the labourer? Why should people receive filthy lucre for providing necessary services to Canadians? Why shouldn't we have a purely volunteer-force healthcare system? Imagine offering healthcare services "for wages" (can you hear the disgust?)

And what about food? Isn't food a right? What about all those "for profit" (spit it out, Jack) grocery chains? Why not public food? Massive, drab, centralized, unionized food warehouses, with the government picking out what's good for us, and rationing where necessary. Wouldn't that be better?

And what about coffee? Hasn't a morning swing by Tim's become pretty much a "right"? All those clean, bright, "for profit" Tim Hortons sprinkled on every corner. Disgusting! Nationalize the coffee chains! The NDP could regulate the caffeine content because they know better than we do what's good for us. And, wouldn't it be a comfort knowing that overpaid unionized staff were making all the dough?

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frappeur said...


Be quiet about food and coffee. It might give Jack Layton ideas.

I do understand that he plans to make marijuana accessable so you can smoke up in your own home.

Liberal Judy Szgro has encouraged strippers. NDP Jack Layton is encouragings pot heads.

That makes Conservative Stephen Harper quite dull when he encourages families.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"