Monday, January 02, 2006

So Unkind

Rights-obsessed readers will scream that to suggest homosexual urges are disordered and misdirected is unkind and discriminatory. But what if it's true? What would you call a woman who has no interest in men, is passionately attracted to another woman, yet just as strongly desires to be a mother with child? I'd call her someone to love, someone to counsel and pray for, but not someone to confirm in her homosexuality.

An article appeared in the Charlottetown Guardian describing a young woman who went to a psychotherapist. She expressed homosexual feelings. The therapist slapped a "lesbian" label on her and sent her on her way. The article suggested she did not have a lesbian identity when she walked into his office, but did when she walked out. She accepted the identity given her by the adult in authority. She walked into his office a mixed-up kid with confused sexual feelings, and walked out a lesbian -- for life. The therapist, by confirming her in an ultimately false lesbian identity, had condemned the young woman to never know a husband's love, and (short of artificial means), to never know what it is to be a mother. And he no doubt congratulated himself for his tolerant, enlightened attitude.

How sad. And how unkind.

While in the San Francisco Bay area, during "Pride Month" (yes, it's a full month there) I watched a TV program on the local public television station. It was about teenagers "coming out". I was astonished when each of the teenagers, without exception, talked about "when they decided" to try the gay lifesyle. Their adult handlers quickly corrected them, reminding them that they were always gay, and, of course, the kids nodded in agreement. It was clear that their attitudes, their "story" concerning their experience of homosexuality were being shaped by the adults.

How sad. And how unkind.

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