Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Liberal Mind and Crime

If you were a rebellious teen, and you had the choice of living with a parent who stressed your "rights", or a parent who stressed your "responsibilities", which one would you pick?

One reason Liberals win elections is that they stress rights, freedoms, and entitlements over responsibilities. And rights, freedoms, and entitlements have popular appeal, especially among the morally challenged.

Entitlements stressed engenders selfish attitudes and selfish attitudes engender rebellious attitudes and rebellious attitudes lead to criminal behaviour. A sense of grieved entitlement is the soil in which the seeds of crime are planted, watered, and grow. And Liberals have been planting and watering for twelve uninterrupted years. Such is the Liberal Mind.

As evidence of the Liberal Mind, consider the current Prime Minister. Upon hearing about the brutal slaying of a teenager on Yonge St., he immediately jumped to "the consequences of exclusion" (the same thought that PM Cretien used to justify the 9-11 terrorism) -- it's a liberal twitch. He used a real tragedy involving real people as a self-serving opportunity to advance an ephemeral Liberal "it's not their fault; it's our fault" doctrine of social behaviour. Positively. harmful. thinking.

Imagine if, every time a teenager did something wrong, a parent said, in effect, "well, you shouldn't have done it, but, I can understand why you did. We've let you down. It's our fault. We have to do more for you. We have to spend more on you. You deserve better. You deserve more.

As long as the Liberal Mind dominates Canada, so will moral decay and what moral decay leads to -- crime.

On the plus side, if Canada's concern with crime continues, the Liberals are toast. And I think I hear the electorates' hand on the toaster...

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