Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just say no to two-tear healthcare

Many people have shed a tear over the healthcare situation in Canada. I have seen loved-ones suffer at the hands of a slow-moving, plodding system -- how does "two years" strike you as a wait time to see a specialist? How does three months sound for the wait-time between when some X-rays were taken, and when they were viewed by the specialist?

So I can understand why our politicians think that shedding one tear is bad enough, and that we simply cannot have two-tear healthcare. Amen to that!

Now, for the matter at hand. I've just come across a quote: the Prime Minister said he always paid for healthcare visits using his medicare card or "other alternatives outside of medicare, such as [his] parliamentarian health-benefit plan."

Mr. Martin, I'd like one of those parliamentarian health-benefit plan cards. Could you send me one? After all, haven't you said we cannot have a two-tier system? Blog me, and I'll forward you my address. Otherwise, I gotta tell you, it's beginning to look like a two-tear system from here...

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