Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Liberal legacy... their numbers are soaring

Chlamydia up 70%
Gonorrhea up 80%
Syphillis up 900%

Under the Liberals, sexually transmitted diseases among young people have reached epidemic proportions.

This is the Liberal record and legacy.

While I do not blame the Liberals directly for these statistics, I would say this. They have certainly contributed to the morally lax atmosphere that now characterizes Canadian culture. When have Liberals ever offered any support to parents trying to go against the tide, and raise their children with moral values that include abstinence?


Instead, they distribute condoms as part of their "care package" to Young Liberals.

Instead, they proclaim, "be free". "Be sexually active." "Don't let anyone tell you that disordered sexual urges are anything but normal and natural." "You have the right to have sex, and, if you get pregnant, you have a right to an abortion". "The beloved Charter guarantees it".

Instead, they insist, against Conservative urging, that the legal age for sexual consent remain at fourteen. With this comes the implied permission from their "elders" for young people to be sexually active.

Reminds me of the Scripture -- is it I Peter? -- "promising them freedom, they themselves are the slaves to corruption".

The Liberals are morally bankrupt; they couldn't do anything to morally uplift the country at this point if they tried. In fact, it wouldn't even occur to them that they should try.

Their greatest accomplishment has been to eliminate the country's ability to think in moral terms. It's no longer about morals; it's always about rights ("always winter; never Christmas"). Not once during the CTV article was it even suggested there might be a moral issue associated with young people having promiscuous sex.

Ah yes. A nation thinks it can cast off the constraints of Christianity and be free. Instead, it finds itself increasingly in chains. And what a terrible start in life for Canada's young people - Chlamydia up 70%, Gonorrhea up 80%, Syphillis up 900%. No wonder the Liberals want to legalize drugs and euthanasia. With a start in life like this, there's going to be a lot of demand down the road. And, if there's one thing that Liberals will deliver on, it's the tools of moral self-destruction.

Perhaps next week Paul Martin will begin to have some spare time to contemplate the damage the Liberal mind has done to Canada. And no mind has been more damaged than his own. With every public insistence about protecting same-sex marriage and "a woman's right to choose" (and castigating Stephen Harper for not joining in) he further damns his Catholic soul.


frappeur said...

At the school where I taught, the guidance department would give out free condoms to sexually active students.

The argument was that since young people were going to do it anyway they should have free condoms.

I suggested that since they were going to smoke anyway they should be given free cigarettes.

I was not popular amongst our guidance people after suggesting that those students might like to smoke after sex.

Ogilvie said...

Amen. But I just wonder if it will be any better under the Conservatives. Let's hope so.

frappeur said...

It's official. Check the mainstream media (MSM)

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"