Sunday, January 22, 2006

Paul Martin calls Liberal Values "Oppressive"; Urges Canadians to vote Conservative!

Paul Martin:

"Let me tell you, the fact is, the vast majority of Canadians believe in Liberal values, including the Charter, which is fundamentally designed to protect minorities from the oppression of the majority." [not a real quote, but stitched together from two separate statements Paul Martin has made]


You might have to think about this one for a minute -- but Paul Martin clearly says,

a) the Charter is needed to safeguard minorities from "the oppression of the majority", and

b) "the vast majority of Canadians believe in Liberal values".

Does this mean that Liberal values are oppressive?

Or are we not to believe Paul Martin when he says that the vast majority of Canadians believe in Liberal values?

If the main proponent of Liberal values, the leader of the Liberal Party, is lying, when he says Conservatives hold values that are far different from his, does this mean that Conservatives are the truth-tellers?

Is Paul Martin trying to tell us that we should believe the Conservatives, and not him?

Is Paul Martin telling us we should vote Conservative?!

Paul Martin is telling us to vote Conservative!

It's all there, in da Martini Code.


Blu~ said...

Not real familiar but interesting, later...

frappeur said...

I guess Paul Martin thinks, according to that great Liberal value, that we are all entitled to our entitlements.

He may be right.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"