Thursday, January 05, 2006

this just in...

In the news today: 17-year old. Previous weapons charge... out on probation... Loaded AK-47 found in bedroom. Liberal values at work. (Turned in by mother. Conservative values at work.)

Probation and parole: Liberal values. Do the crime, do the time: Conservative values.

Liberal values: individual rights; collective responsibilities.

Conservative values: Rights wrapped in responsibilities.

also this...

Ottawa — The RCMP is looking into a controversial $4.8-million grant that was awarded to a pro-Canada group at the time of the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty, officials have told The Globe and Mail.

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frappeur said...

That question about the Pro-Canada group has come up many times in Quebec.

It was a mysterious program under Heritage Canada. I believe Sheila Copps was in charge at the time.

The individuals involved seemed to be from the Anglo elite in Quebec.

I don't know that they actually did anything except hold meetings at exotic locations and enjoy expensive meals. (This seems to be a Liberal proclivity.)

It was totally closed to scrutiny. I will be glad to see it opened up.

I would really like some ancient history opened up but I fear it will never happen.

The story behind the Fina - Petro Canada deal would be very interesting. Not only were Liberals in on the deal but so were Conservatives at the time according to my informant.

My impression was it would have been the income trust scandal of the time if it were known. Mr. Lalonde denied that anyone could have known but one of my Conservative acquaintances told me he made a lot of money on Fina shares

It would be interesting to know if it was true. The fact that the auditor general was never allowed to investigate is very curious.

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